Bubble boyWhat a cutie pie!!


Just some random pictures that I sent to the developer. Aren’t they cute?fun-photos.jpg

Computer Geek…

This is my adorable computer geek. He is awesome on the computer. Such a smart barely three year old. I just love him.

In other computer geek newss… the internet guy came by last night to check out our signal strength. Said it was a little slow, but seemed to be doing what it was suppposed to do. I guess his idea and mine of  “high speed”  are different. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to live with the snail pace until I find another provider. Maybe I’ll check into Comcast.

It looks like I will be off for a month before I make it back to work. With everyone (me included) having been sick I am into my fourth week of being home. I wish I could say that I hate that, but… I do hate the sickness.

Yesterday I went with Toney to drop off a tile to Jackie. She is in her 80s, but you would never know it. I hope I am in that good of health when I’m in my 80s. I hope I make it to my 80s! Then we went to Hobby Lobby. Scored Valentine stuff for 90% off. Cool! Plus paper and rub-ons were 50% off. They carry the My Mind’s Eye papers for 50 cents regular price. So, 25 cents per sheet was a steal. Plus I got the matching rub-ons for less than $2.00. Sweet!dsc_0036.JPG

You are..

Love of my Life..the love of my life. You show me daily how much you care for me and our family. I want you yo know that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed and they are all appreciated. Thank you! Love you! (and I promise to try to do a better job of showing it.



Busy Weekend…

Friday was a busy day getting ready for the Mardi Gras carnival at Nick’s school. It seemed to be a success. I think we made about $1800. Toney isn’t real happy with the PTO right now. He says that I am not doing it next year. I kind of agree.

Saturday we took the kids to Concord Mills to spend their Christmas money. We were there about 7 and 1/2 hours. Everyone was tired after. Hunter seemed to get the most for his money- lots of toys. Karter did pretty well, too. Haley and Nick bought $80 shoes, so their’s didn’t go very far.

Sunday we went to Elaine’s to pick up Beckett. She had kept him while we shopped. I missed him a lot (although it was nice to have the bed to ourselves). When we got their he said, “What are you doing here?” I asked him if he didn’t want to live with us anymore. He said that he wanted to live with Nanny. 😦

Today Beckett and I are cleaning the old refridgerator to give to Memee. Yuck! Are we really that nasty?